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Tampa Fraud Lawyers

Fraud is one of the most serious white collar charges that an individual can face. Depending on the amount of money or value of assets involved, penalties for conviction can amount to years in prison. But for those who have been charged with fraud crimes, it is important to realize that everyone has legal rights and options. If you are innocent, you deserve aggressive representation to help you obtain a full dismissal. And even if you are guilty, you still are entitled to a vigorous defense.

Whether you have been formally charged with fraud, or if you would like to come forward on your own accord, it is important to speak with a lawyer before saying anything to the police or any other party.

Obtaining Favorable Results For Those Charged With Fraud Crimes

At O’Brien Hatfield Reese, PA, we are here to help you address even the most complex of fraud charges. As your counsel, we will help protect your rights, ensure that the prosecution does not overcharge, and help you work toward a favorable resolution.

Our lawyers are highly experienced with fraud cases and are exceptionally equipped to address charges of:

Florida Fraud Defense Attorneys

Our results show why so many others have trusted us with their criminal matters. For a free consultation, call our firm at 813-345-4909 or 888-496-5916, or contact us online. Our Tampa fraud attorneys are ready to help.


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