The Criminal Defense Attorneys Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Police Officers, Military Members, South American Drug Cartels, Professional Athletes, Entertainment Figures, And First Time Offenders Call When They Need A Criminal Defense Attorney.

So Should You.

The Criminal Defense Attorneys Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Police Officers, Military Members, South American Drug Cartels, Professional Athletes, Entertainment Figures, and First Time Offenders Call When They Need a Criminal Defense Attorney.

So Should You.

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Tampa Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Extensive Criminal Defense Experience In Federal And State Courts

Firm founder Mark J. O’Brien is a former prosecutor who has handled thousands of criminal cases. Because of this experience, our law firm is prepared to litigate any federal or state criminal case, no matter how complex. For example, our criminal defense law firm has handled hundreds of cases in federal court, including many white collar criminal prosecutions. As a result, we understand the unique issues involved in federal prosecutions.

Our Tampa white collar attorneys take on all kinds of fraud cases such as health care fraud, mortgage fraud and tax evasion allegations in Florida.

We also defend individuals charged with federal and state drug crimes. Federal courts and the state of Florida aggressively prosecute drug crimes, levying harsh penalties against offenders. Our Hillsborough County criminal defense attorneys represent individuals charged with crimes ranging from conspiracy to committing drug trafficking or importation to possession of marijuana, oxycodone or prescription drugs, and the manufacturing and distribution of methamphetamine.

Our law firm also represents individuals in appeals and post-conviction motions.

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Many lawyers advertise various awards they have “won” from various websites proclaiming them to be a “Top Lawyer in Florida”, a “Top Attorney Under 40” or a “10.0 Rating”, and so forth. Please note that any attorney who advertises such “awards” has to pay money to the particular website to be granted these “honors”. I refuse to pay for an award or honor. I rely on my experience, my training and results. If you are looking for attorneys who accept paid for “awards” or “honors”, we are not your law firm. However, here is what federal judges across the country are saying about our firm in open court in real cases.
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Life Sentence Vacated

This video captures the moment we told Mr. McBride of his appellate victory through a prison phone call. From the point he was arrested to the point of this call, Mr. McBride fought for nearly seven years to right his wrongful arrest, conviction and life sentence. In this video you are able to hear the raw emotion in Mr. McBride’s voice when he learns we won his appeal. Mr. McBride graciously allowed us to post this video to our website to give hope to anyone going through the same struggle he went through.

Extensive Criminal Defense Experience in

Federal and State Courts

“Mark, thank you for everything. I will forever be indebted to you. You have stood by me and believed in me when it was not the popular thing to do. You are an amazing advocate.”

Adam Filthaut

  • Former Partner at the Law Firm of Adams and Diaco (Robert Adams and Stephen Diaco)
  • MJ (Todd Schnitt) Morning Show/Bubba the Love Sponge Clem Trial
  • Phil Campbell DUI Setup/Florida Bar Trial
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