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Learn More About The Tampa, Florida, Criminal Defense Lawyers Of Mark J. O’Brien

Attorneys Mark O’Brien and Victoria Hatfield provide tenacious, skilled defense against the full range of criminal charges at the state and federal level. Mark O’Brien has practiced criminal law exclusively since 1998. He began his career as a prosecutor in the Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Office, rising to the level of first-degree and felony life prosecutor. In that position, he tried more than 30 cases to verdict and handled literally thousands of cases. Since he began his criminal defense practice in 2001, he has achieved successful results for clients facing a broad range of criminal allegations at both the state and federal levels.

Mark is joined by attorney Victoria E. Hatfield who, along with firm private investigators, sentencing guideline consultants and mental health specialists, all bring substantial experience and knowledge of state and federal criminal law and state and federal criminal appellate and post-conviction law. The law firm of Mark J. O’Brien, has the ability to present a strong defense against the most serious charges in any state or federal court in Tampa, the state of Florida and the entire nation.

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