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Tampa Drug Trafficking And Importation Attorneys

Defending Against State And Federal Charges

Drug trafficking and importation has been prevalent in Florida for decades. Strict laws are enforced in an attempt to address this issue. If you were arrested for possessing a large amount of marijuana, cocaine, meth or as few as 15-20 pills of a prescription drug such as oxycodone or hydrocodone, the government may charge you with drug trafficking.

Drug trafficking is often charged as a federal crime, but you may also face state charges. The amount and type of drug you are accused of trafficking will affect your sentence. Under Florida Statute Section 893.135, the penalties for drug trafficking may range from prison sentences of three to 25 years and fines up to $500,000.

Our Tampa drug trafficking attorneys are skilled in state and federal criminal defense. As a former prosecutor, founding attorney Mark J. O’Brien understands how the government prosecutes drug trafficking and importation cases.

Our case results in this area are impressive, including obtaining the reduction or dismissal of drug trafficking and other federal drug charges. Clients facing decades in prison have achieved outcomes that do not involve prison time or probation.

In the early stages of a drug trafficking case, we may be able to negotiate reduced charges or argue for a case dismissal. We will examine the evidence and the case against you. This may include the legality of the search of your home or car, the existence of probable cause and the use of any informants.

When it is in our clients’ best interests, we take drug trafficking and importation cases to trial. We are aggressive litigators who have defended thousands of criminal cases.

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Our results for many of our clients facing state and federal drug charges speak for themselves. For a free initial consultation, please call 813-345-4909 or contact us online.