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Aggressively Defending You Against Cocaine Possession Charges

As a Schedule I drug, cocaine is considered among the most dangerous drugs. If you are charged with cocaine possession, you can face state or federal penalties (21 U.S.C. Sections 841 and 851).

New Sentencing Guidelines May Help Your Case

The good news is that the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 repealed the five-year mandatory minimum sentence for simple possession of crack cocaine. The base offense levels for cocaine base (crack cocaine) have changed for offenses committed after Nov. 1, 2010. The new sentencing guidelines are as follows:

  • A five-year minimum mandatory prison term for 28 grams of crack or 500 grams of cocaine
  • A 10-year minimum mandatory prison term for 280 grams of crack or 5 kilograms of cocaine

The following penalties are still applicable if you have qualifying prior convictions:

  • A 20-year minimum mandatory prison term applies after one prior felony drug conviction
  • A mandatory life term of imprisonment applies after two or more prior felony drug convictions

Tampa Cocaine Possession Defense

Despite the sentencing change, cocaine possession is still a serious charge with real consequences. You need an experienced defense attorney to protect your rights if you are charged with any cocaine offense, including:

Our Tampa cocaine possession lawyers provide aggressive defense against all cocaine charges. At Mark J. O’Brien, our results for many of our clients facing state and federal charges throughout Florida speak for themselves.

As a former prosecutor, founding attorney Mark J. O’Brien understands how the government prosecutes cocaine charges. We can tailor a defense to counter the prosecution’s case against you.

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