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A Strong Defense Against Drug Conspiracy Charges

It is unlawful for any person to conspire to commit a drug offense. The elements of a conspiracy to commit a substantive offense (18 U.S.C. Section 371) must allege a specific drug offense.

You Can Be Charged With Multiple Offenses In Drug Conspiracy Cases

You can be charged with drug conspiracy regardless of whether the crime is committed. Even if you did not commit the actual crime, you may be charged with the crime and any criminal acts that arise from it, in addition to drug conspiracy. You may face federal and state drug conspiracy charges.

If you are convicted of conspiring to commit a drug crime, you may face the same penalties as the parties that commit the crime. You may face separate penalties for the drug conspiracy charge. Multiyear prison sentences and fines may be imposed, depending on the details of the offense.

Former Prosecutors Who Fight Drug Charges In Florida

Mark J. O’Brien, provides aggressive defense against all drug charges. Our results for many of our clients facing state and federal drug charges speak for themselves.

Drug conspiracy cases can also include charges such as:

We have obtained reductions and dismissals in cases involving various combinations of these charges. Read more.

Drug conspiracy may be used by law enforcement to attempt to threaten people with minor roles in a drug crime. Charging small-time dealers or buyers with serious federal drug crimes is a way to gain information or evidence regarding the more valuable suspects.

Our Tampa drug conspiracy attorneys have handled hundreds of drug cases and understand the tactics prosecutors use. We can develop strategies to exploit the weaknesses in their cases.

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