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Internet Entrapment And Pornography Defense

According to a Florida statute, “A law enforcement … agent … perpetrates an entrapment if, for the purpose of obtaining evidence of the commission of a crime, he or she induces or encourages and, as a direct result, causes another person to engage in … [a] crime by employing methods of persuasion or inducement which create a substantial risk that such crime will be committed by a person other than one who is ready to commit it.” Talk to an attorney to determine whether police engaged in illegal entrapment when they gathered evidence to build a case against you in any type of sex crime involving a minor:

When An Online ‘Friend’ Turns Out To Be A Real-Life Challenger Of Your Freedom

You may have been charged with sexual exploitation of a child or enticement of a child on the basis of interactions you allegedly engaged in with a convincing online personality. You may have believed you were merely exchanging playful sexy banter with an online “friend,” only to discover, when you allegedly traveled to meet a minor for sex, that the person was actually a police officer. In an attempt to catch online sexual predators and protect real children, many police departments conduct online sting operations using techniques that border on entrapment. Claims of criminal entrapment are powerful defense strategies in many cases.

Were you fooled into appearing to commit a crime that you never would have otherwise? If you sincerely believe that you never intended to commit a crime involving a child or any other type of crime and that police tricked you into acting out of character, talk to an attorney.

O’Brien Hatfield Reese, PA, Can Protect Your Rights

The sooner you consult with an attorney about possible police entrapment in your child pornography case, the more opportunities you may have for a favorable outcome. The alternative is to let a criminal case run its course — and likely end up in prison. As a former prosecutor, attorney Mark J. O’Brien is prepared to fight on your behalf in support of presumption of your innocence.

Did Police Illegally Entrap You In Your Florida Sex Crime Case? Lawyers At Our Law Firm Can Advise You.

For a free initial consultation at our offices in Tampa or Orlando, please call 813-345-4909 or contact us online. Our results for many clients facing state and federal charges speak for themselves.