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Defending You Against Theft Charges

Under Florida law, a theft occurs when a person knowingly obtains or uses the property of another with the intent to deprive the owner of the use of that property.

Grand theft is theft of property valued at $300 or more. Grand theft is a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years imprisonment. Penalties can be increased where the value of the property exceeds $5,000, and constitute a second-degree felony or first-degree felony depending on the value of property and other facts.

Petty theft is a misdemeanor charge. If the value of the property is worth less than $300 but more than $100, it is a first-degree misdemeanor. If the value of the property taken is less than $100, it is a second-degree misdemeanor. Additionally, if you are adjudicated guilty of petit theft, your driver’s license can be suspended.

There are several defenses to theft crimes. If you are accused of theft, please contact our firm.

Evidentiary issues are critical in theft cases. If accused, you need an attorney with experience in this area. We have achieved tremendous results, including our defense of an individual who was facing 15 years in prison for burglary, grand theft and possession of burglary tools. Our motion to suppress evidence was granted, resulting in a dismissal of the charges.

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