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Facing Drug Charges Or Drug Crimes Involving Vapor Pens? Call Our Florida Law Firm.

The sale and use of marijuana continue to be illegal in Florida. One way of using pot has increased the chance that innocent people could be arrested and even charged for illegal marijuana use, sale or distribution. Vapor pens, which transform a variety of concentrated oils into vapor that can be inhaled, were originally marketed as a way to ingest nicotine without the harmful effects of tobacco smoke.

Vapor pens are often used by people who wish to stop smoking tobacco, people who wish to avoid the negative health effects of smoking and people who would like to smoke in public places where cigarette smoking is banned. However, people are also using the pens to consume marijuana and other illegal substances. Moreover, they are often doing this publicly, because the oil that contains the active ingredient in pot (THC) can be made to have no odor or to smell like something else, such as candy or menthol.

The use of vapor pens to smoke, or vape, marijuana has created a problem for people who use the pens for legal purposes or who sell flavored oils that can be used in the pens. People who have not violated any drug laws could be arrested for using or selling oil for vapor pens. However, this is unlikely. It is more likely that people could be charged for crimes more serious than possession or use.

Arrested on Suspicion Of A Vapor Pen Crime? Contact Our Tampa And Orlando Criminal Attorneys.

If you have been charged with violating Florida drug laws because you were charged with distribution and other serious drug crimes, it is important to call an experienced and aggressive defense attorney right away. Attorney Mark J. O’Brien is a former criminal prosecutor who has handled thousands of drug cases, both during his time with the Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s office and as a criminal defense lawyer in private practice. You can rely on him to develop the strongest defense possible.

Criminal Consequences Of Charges Involving Vapor Pens

Marijuana is not the only illegal substance that has caught the eye of law enforcement trying to clamp down on vaping as a way to use illegal drugs. Vapor pens can be used to consume a variety of other drugs, including hash and synthetic drugs sometimes known as Flakka. Vaping is also a way to consume synthetic marijuana, known as K-2 and Liquid Spice, and thought to be a ‘legal weed.’

Although selling vapor pens could catch the eye of law enforcement, it is more likely that a person could be charged with manufacturing or selling the oils used to fuel the vapor pens. Store owners, distributors and manufacturers of the oils are more likely to face charges that could include:

  • Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute
  • Conspiracy to distribute
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing

Another issue that has fueled the effort to reign in the use of vapor pens to consume drugs is that teens are increasingly using the devices. In an effort to address this, Florida passed a law outlawing the sale of e-cigarettes to minors. This law makes it entirely possible that a shop that inadvertently sells vapor pens to underage buyers could find itself in trouble with the law. Proposed changes in federal law could also make selling vapor pen oil more difficult.

Charged With A Drug Crime Involving Vaping? Contact Our Florida Law Firm For Help.

If you have been charged with any state or federal drug offense involving vapor pens, you owe it to yourself to get a knowledgeable and aggressive defense lawyer. The Florida criminal defense law firm of Mark J. O’Brien, stands ready to protect your rights. Call us today at 813-440-2347 (Tampa), 888-496-5916 (Orlando) or en Español at 813-390-2494 or contact us online.