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Human And Sex Trafficking Defense Lawyers In Florida

Human trafficking is the trade in human beings for the purpose of their exploitation through force, coercion or fraud. It may involve extraction of organs and tissue, involuntary labor, forced marriages or sexual slavery. Florida’s attorney general has declared Florida a zero tolerance state for human trafficking.

If you are convicted of human trafficking or sex trafficking, you should expect to face lengthy prison terms and heavy fines, in addition to the social stigma. You could also be required to register as a sex offender.

Consult with the experienced and skilled human trafficking defense attorneys in Tampa or Orlando at Mark J. O’Brien, as soon as you know you are suspected of engaging in human or sex trafficking. The sooner we become involved, the better we can protect your rights.

This Type Of Crime Can Lead To Many Other Charges

Human trafficking is a complex crime that could also encompass many other crimes, including sex trafficking, kidnapping, fraud and coercion. To be guilty of human trafficking, you must have participated in soliciting, recruiting, harboring or transporting a person while either making a financial profit or knowing that the person would be subjected to forced labor or other exploitation.

Protecting Your Legal Rights And Your Future

Many options exist to defend against human or sex trafficking charges and charges for other serious sex offenses such as sex tourism. State and federal prosecutors have the burden of proof for each component of this crime and other crimes involved, as well as a responsibility to obtain and handle evidence properly.

Our lawyers will take advantage of every opportunity for your defense. We will begin by making sure that the prosecutor has the necessary evidence to demonstrate each component of the crimes you have been charged with. If he or she does not, the charges will either be reduced or dismissed.

We will also make sure that your constitutional rights have been respected. If evidence against you was obtained illegally, we may be able to get the charges dismissed entirely or reduced to a less serious offense. If charges have not yet been filed, we may be able to prevent an arrest from occurring in the first place.

Florida Sex Crime Defense Lawyers

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