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Sentencing Resources For State Charges In Florida

At Mark J. O’Brien, we strive to keep our clients as informed as possible. That includes giving you all the information you need about the possible consequences of the criminal charges you face.

We believe having as much information as possible and working with experienced attorneys like ours will help you make informed decisions about your case and your future. To learn more, you can contact us at our office in Tampa, Florida, to schedule a free consultation.

Serious Consequences Are On The Line In Many Cases

Here in Florida, if you are accused of a qualifying offense or any other serious felony, depending on your prior record, you could be facing enhanced sentences, including:

Most of these laws provide for enhanced sentences, which can mean many more years in jail beyond what normal state sentencing statutes call for. Florida’s maximum sentences can be quite punitive — including the death penalty — which is why you need experienced lawyers on your side.

Contact us at Mark J. O’Brien, as soon as possible if you are facing serious felony charges here in Florida. Call 813-440-2347 or send us an email for a free consultation.