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Tampa Computer Crimes Lawyer

Today, more than ever, the internet and computer are being used as vehicles to commit crimes. In response, the government has been quick to create laws that define legal versus illegal computer activities. However, this does not mean that individuals are without rights when using personal computers or accessing the internet. In addition, the police never have carte blanche when it comes to investigating cybercrimes. But unfortunately, the legal rights of those charged with internet crimes are violated on a consistent basis in the “name of justice.”

Understanding Your Rights When You Have Been Charged With A Computer Crime

If you have been charged with a computer or internet crime, now is not the time to face the system without qualified and experienced legal representation. At O'Brien Hatfield, PA, we can help you understand the criminal charges you face, your legal rights and the best options for defending yourself.

We have a highly detailed knowledge of the complex laws that govern computer and internet usage. Our lawyers also understand that police do not always conduct investigations by the book in these cases, and they may try to use illegally obtained evidence against you. When this is the case, we will demand that the evidence be thrown out.

Even when investigators have not violated your rights, prosecutors are often known for overcharging. Our lawyers take a proactive and aggressive approach to obtaining favorable results. Our main goal will always be obtaining a full dismissal, but when this is not a realistic option, we work to mitigate the most serious consequences of your internet charges.

An Aggressive Defense From An Established And Respected Law Firm

Whether you have been wrongly accused or have made a terrible mistake, our lawyers can help. We are ready to defend against computer and internet criminal charges at the state and federal levels. We are known for resolving even the most complex cases that many other firms are not equipped to handle.

Our attorneys can help you address any type of computer and internet charge throughout Florida, including these charges around child pornography:

Learn more about some of the common issues in internet crime cases and how we can help you overcome them, below:

Florida Internet Crime Attorneys

Our results show why so many others throughout Florida have trusted us with their criminal matters. For a free consultation, call our firm at 813-440-2347 or 888-496-5916, or contact us online. Our Tampa computer crimes attorneys are ready to help.