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Fighting Unlawful Prosecutions Of Sex Crimes

An essential element of a powerful defense against any sex crime charge boils down to this: Is the prosecution basing charges on evidence that was obtained unlawfully? To obtain evidence against a suspect, police investigators sometimes use unlawful means.

If police did not have probable cause, did not execute a warrant correctly or otherwise engaged in unlawful search and seizure, the case against you may not have a leg to stand on.

Did police engage in entrapment unlawfully as a means by which to build a case against you? A detailed analysis of your case will reveal whether the prosecution is based on unlawfully admitted evidence. This type of evidence, once suppressed, may give you the most desirable outcome in your child pornography case: dismissal.

Were You A Victim Of Malicious Prosecution?

On the other hand, you may have been unjustly charged with a sex crime that you did not commit. If you can prove that you are being prosecuted to destroy your reputation (rather than on the basis of solid, legally obtained evidence against you), you may have grounds to sue the prosecutor. In rare cases, plaintiffs have won thousands of dollars in damages for malicious prosecution.

Mark J. O’Brien, Is Ready To Explore All Avenues To Protect Your Rights

Our Orlando and Tampa sex crime lawyers have used many types of defense strategies successfully in these cases. Attorney Mark J. O’Brien is a former prosecutor who has handled thousands of cases on both sides of the bench. Many satisfied clients can attest to the thoroughness with which he examines all angles in search of a path to a favorable outcome.

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