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There Is No Such Thing As ‘Just A Misdemeanor’

Misdemeanors are criminal law offenses that, while considered less serious than felony offenses, have serious consequences. Misdemeanors are punishable by a fine, probation or up to one year the county jail. A misdemeanor conviction is a criminal charge that can have lifetime collateral consequences for the defendant.

Misdemeanor offenses include:

  • First-offense DUI
  • Petit theft, shoplifting
  • Check forgery or credit card theft under $300
  • Prostitution-related charges
  • Possession of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia
  • Resisting arrest without violence
  • Battery, domestic violence battery and assault

Our Lawyers Help With Municipal Violations Before They Become Misdemeanors

Many communities have regulations regarding property maintenance, zoning restrictions and social behavior. If the municipal citation isn’t taken care of within the stated deadline, the violation may be increased to a misdemeanor. If you are facing charges for not complying with a municipal regulation, call us for help.

Misdemeanors Charged As A Felony

It is not uncommon for a prosecutor to find dubious reasons to increase misdemeanor charges to a felony, in the hopes of getting a plea agreement. This is often referred to as, “Throwing something against the wall to see what sticks” and it often works. Attorney Mark O’Brien is a former prosecutor who knows the strategies assistant prosecutors use to increase their conviction count. Call Mark J. O’Brien, to talk to one of our criminal defense lawyers us about the charges you are facing. We will work hard to make sure you get the fair, best possible outcome.

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