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Florida man receives lengthy sentence in child pornography case

Child pornography cases in Florida carry a wide range of possible punishments.

Law enforcement agencies across Florida have been devoting more resources and technology to investigating sex crimes within the state. Officials have employed a variety of techniques to discover these crimes, and those who have been arrested face very severe penalties if convicted. Some of these investigations even involve federal agencies, which may result in even stronger punishments being handed down to some offenders.

A Florida man was arrested in April for possessing child pornography. FBI agents disclosed that the man had over 100 videos on his computer. When questioned, the man admitted to viewing the items, but, stated that he had not performed searches for the files saved on his computer. He was convicted of the crimes, and received a lengthy sentence from the judge in his case recently.

The man was sentenced to 27 years for the crime, well in excess of the five years being requested by his defense team. In addition to the federal prison time, the man will be on probation for the rest of his life after release.

This case highlights the aggressive actions that law enforcement agencies are taking toward investigating these types of crimes. These groups are working together, forming specially-trained task forces to pursue those individuals suspected of committing sex crimes. Often, the officers will set a trap for the offender, by asking the individual to email or post images that may be unlawful. If the offender complies, they will have all the evidence that they need to make an arrest.

Individuals may face either federal or state charges when it comes to child pornography offenses and this will have an impact upon what happens if they are convicted. Those who are convicted of federal crimes will have to serve their sentences in federal prisons.

If you are facing either state or federal sex crimes charges, you need to act immediately. You need to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will be able to protect you from making statements that could harm your case, and offer you critical advice on how to defend yourself against these allegations.

You may not realize the amount of media attention that these cases receive, and this could make it very difficult in many different aspects of your life. Friends and family may distance themselves from you, and it might be challenging to get a fair trial. These charges can have a devastating impact on your future, and you need to be sure that you are informed before you decide how to proceed.

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