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Co-Conspirator in Tampa Mortgage Fraud Case Avoids Prison Sentence Under Representation of O’Brien Hatfield, P.A.

Four individuals have been sentenced to federal prison in a Tampa Townhouse mortgage fraud case. Most notably, the developer of La Encantada Villas, a development of seven townhomes on Watrous Avenue in Tampa Florida, received a sentence of nearly three years in prison for his role in the mortgage fraud conspiracy.

Among the other individuals sentenced in this case, one minority partner in the townhouse development received eight months in federal prison for conspiring to commit mortgage fraud.

Another co-conspirator in the high-profile mortgage fraud case was recently sentenced in Tampa federal court by District Court Judge Lazzara. Under representation by O’Brien Hatfield PA he received just five years of probation for his involvement in the mortgage fraud conspiracy. The client of O’Brien Hatfield was the only co-conspirator in the mortgage fraud investigation who did not receive a prison sentence.

The fraudulent practices for which the four co-conspirators were sentenced included “material misrepresentations that allowed developers and purchasers to borrow money to close loans for properties they could not afford, and to induce lenders to disburse funds for the loans based on misrepresentations as to the equity in the properties,” according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Florida.

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