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Referring Attorneys

For nearly 15 years, O’Brien Hatfield, P.A., has been the partner of choice for many of Florida’s and our nation’s leading law firms seeking Florida criminal defense courtroom advocates for their clients who stand accused of a crime. We have the experience and qualifications to understand what is important to you, as a referring attorney, in choosing local counsel. We know that your client is the single most important part of your practice, and we treat that client like a member of our law firm family. This fundamental understanding of the referral process has led to many deep and lasting attorney-client relationships with our referring attorneys.

We recognize that when law firms refer us their clients they are concerned with four very basic bottom line issues:

  1. Our communication
  2. Our results
  3. Our reputation in our legal community
  4. Our ability to partner with others to achieve a common goal

Our Communication

O’Brien Hatfield, P.A., believes in total and complete communication with our clients and with referring law firms. You will know what we know, and together we will accomplish the client’s goals as a team.

Our Results

O’Brien Hatfield, P.A., has been a leading criminal law boutique criminal defense law firm for nearly 15 years, acting as counsel of record and producing remarkable results. Our legal skill, strategic acumen and “think outside the box” creativity, as well as our Contract With Our Clients have consistently produced the best possible outcomes for our clients and referring law firms. To view some of our case results and the impressions we make we upon clients, check our case results and our media coverage.

Our Reputation

O’Brien Hatfield, P.A., understands how important it is for referring law firms to recommend a criminal defense law firm to their clients that has credibility within the legal community. Each of our lawyers has worked hard to attain a high degree of respect among members of the bench and bar in their areas of practice. Our track record and our familiarity with the judges, prosecutors, other attorneys, regulatory agencies, licensing boards, and various other groups in government is hard-earned and hard-fought. We do not take it for granted, and work to improve it each and every day. That is why we are known for fighting for our clients against the government and the state rather than allowing our clients to be victimized by the government and the state. When you partner with us, your clients go to court under the umbrella of the protection that we have earned over many years of hard-fought legal battles.

Our Ability To Partner With Others

O’Brien Hatfield, P.A., knows that referring law firms have special relationships with their clients. Our goal is to ensure that your relationship with your client is stronger and more secure when our time together has concluded. We treat law firm referrals with the utmost respect and professionalism because you are investing in our firm, our reputation and our legal standing within the community. To that end we invest in training for our attorneys on the subject of developing and maintaining excellent referral relationships through continuing legal education seminars and in-house seminars. You can also rest assured that we know how to deal with professional and ethical issues regarding conflicts, joint defense relations and communications in complex cases so that we can all work together most effectively toward the outcome your client seeks.