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Contract With Our Federal Criminal Clients

The reality of federal criminal court is often very difficult for a federal criminal defendant. It is typically a foreign place for those defendants who at best are familiar with the state criminal justice system and at worse are completely unfamiliar with the criminal justice system as a whole. The first question a federal criminal defendant must ask himself is “Should I hire a private federal criminal defense attorney?”

We cannot answer that question for you as it is a decision that is intensely private and personal based upon finances and preference. The Federal Defender’s Office is as good as it gets and many Criminal Justice Act (CJA) or court-appointed lawyers are top-notch. However, those lawyers are chosen for you by the government. A private federal criminal defense attorney is an attorney whom you select after careful consultation and due diligence. We welcome such consideration and are confident if selected that we will perform to the best of our abilities. We have achieved past success, and that is our barometer for attracting new clients.

Our 10-Point Promise

Since we do not advertise our services, we rely on word of mouth to attract new clients. It has served us well for the past decade as our firm has grown in size and stature. To that end we have come up with a Contract With Our Clients: A Ten Point Promise. We believe it separates us from other law firms, and we pledge this to you if hired:

1. We do not guarantee a federal case result. Any lawyer or law firm that does is not being honest. The results contained in this informational packet are 100 percent the results of attorney Mark J. O’Brien, real, accurate and fully supported by federal court documents but they are past results. No one is able to predict the future. However, based upon our experience and our training we believe it is possible to alter a case based upon the facts and the law we are presented with in a legal case. Our goal is to shape the fate of your criminal case.

2. We will provide you with an initial written sentencing analysis immediately upon hiring our law firm. This sentencing analysis will explain all of the penalties associated with the United States Sentencing Guidelines and the Statutory Mandatory Minimums that may come into play if you are found guilty at trial or if you plead guilty and forego a trial.

3. We will provide you with a full written analysis of your presentence investigation report (PSI), if there is one, and if it is different from what we predicted in our initial sentencing analysis where appropriate.

4. We will file a sentencing memorandum outlining all of our factual and legal objections to the presentence investigation report (PSI) along with a 3553(a) variance analysis detailing all mitigation factors.

5. We provide mental health experts to assist in our defense where appropriate.

6. We provide private investigators to assist in our defense where appropriate.

7. We will keep you updated on your case through letters, status reports and conferences as much as possible.

8. If you desire, we will keep your family and/or friends updated on your case as much as you choose.

9. If you desire a trial we will prepare and fight as aggressively as we can. Having first chaired 21 federal trial cases in federal criminal courts all throughout the country we have the experience necessary to fight in trial — and also the experience of not only proceeding to federal trials but also having won federal trials.

10. Post-sentencing we will review with you your appellate options and give you a written form to document your choice to not pursue an appeal.