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Under Investigation For A Federal Crime In Florida?

Grand jury investigations are hearings during which a group of citizens decides whether the prosecution has sufficient evidence for the case to proceed to trial. Our work as criminal defense attorneys, however, often begins before the grand jury investigation occurs.

If you or your business receives a subpoena as part of a federal grand jury investigation, contact a defense lawyer right away. We can represent you during the investigative stage, protecting your rights from overzealous federal agencies and prosecutors.

We Know How Grand Juries Work

The federal grand jury investigations attorneys at Mark J. O’Brien, represent individuals and corporations that are the subject of federal grand jury investigations as well as those formally indicted for federal crimes. Attorney Mark J. O’Brien is a former prosecutor who understands the importance of having experienced representation before, during and, when necessary, after the hearing.

How A Federal Criminal Defense Firm Can Help

It is advisable to have a defense attorney on-site during the investigation, search and request for documents that precede federal grand jury hearings. We will protect your rights by ensuring that evidence is handled correctly, that the rules of discovery are adhered to and that all evidence presented to the grand jury is admissible.

Before the hearing, we may also be able to negotiate with the prosecution and/or explain your position. In some cases, we can resolve the matter at this stage and avoid an indictment.

Contact A Federal Grand Jury Indictment Attorney

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