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Defending Clients Facing International Extradition

International extradition is the complex process by which one country will hand over an alleged or suspected criminal to another country that initiated the process. In an effort to create lasting relationships, many countries have developed extradition treaties that can make a complicated process more straightforward. However, what often gets lost in the process is the rights of the accused individual.

As a former prosecutor, founding attorney Mark J. O’Brien has the experience and insight necessary to guide clients through complex legal matters. An effective criminal defense, whether state or federal, is built upon a detailed understanding of the law and thorough preparation. At O’Brien Hatfield, P.A., we prepare for every case as if it will be decided in court. In some instances, we can negotiate an agreement with the prosecutor’s office. If a plea cannot be reached, we are confident in our extensive trial experiences. With multiple offices throughout Florida, we are prepared to defend clients in the state and across the nation.

Defending international extradition requires a special level of legal understanding and finesse. The ability to work within extradition treaties, federal statutes, international document trials and case law is paramount. All we do is defense. When your future is at stake, make us your first call.

State-To-State Extradition

In certain situations, an individual will find himself or herself facing state-to-state extradition. When a crime was committed in one state and the fugitive was arrested in a different state, the extradition process allows for law enforcement to return the individual from one state to the other. As experienced defense lawyers, we will fight to ensure that our clients’ rights are protected.

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