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Tampa Conspiracy Lawyers

While conspirators may not be the actual individuals who carryout crimes, they can still be held legally responsible for their involvement in planning a criminal act. Charges of conspiracy are given in response to both misdemeanor and felony crimes, and at the state or federal level. What remains the same in all conspiracy cases, is the need for a strong legal defense.

Regardless Of Your Level Of Involvement In A Crime, You Need A Skilled Attorney

At Mark J. O’Brien, we focus on results for our clients through any legal means necessary. We often take on the most complex and difficult cases, because with our high-level of experience and skill, this is often where we can help the most.

Examples Of Conspiracy Crimes

With almost any type of crime, there is the opportunity for conspiracy. However, some of the most common charges come from:

  • Conspiracy to commit murder
  • Conspiracy to commit fraud
  • Conspiracy to commit theft
  • Conspiracy to distribute drugs

In any conspiracy case that we take, we demand that the prosecution prove beyond a reasonable doubt that our clients are guilty. We do not tolerate weak evidence or unsubstantiated claims. Our lawyers have a significant track record of results, including full dismissals, and reduced charges and penalties. When appropriate, we will advise our clients if a plea deal is in their best interests. However, we are trial lawyers in the truest sense, and are fully prepared to fight for our clients’ best interests in the courtroom in every case.

Florida Criminal Conspiracy Charges Attorney

Our results show why so many others have trusted us with their criminal matters. For a free consultation, call our firm at 813-440-2347 or 888-496-5916, or contact us online. Our Tampa conspiracy attorneys are ready to help.