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Tampa Bond And Pretrial Detention Hearing Lawyer

In most federal criminal cases, the accused must attend a pretrial detention hearing where a judge will determine whether or not a bond will be set. Simply stated, a bond is a monetary deposit that helps ensure the defendant will return for future court dates. The court may deny bond if the accused is considered a flight risk or a threat to society. There are also some crimes for which bond is routinely denied such as extremely violent crimes, sexual crimes against children, serious terroristic crimes and many felony drug charges.

Tampa Bay Times | tampabay.com“At a court hearing Friday, it took just four seconds for the judge assigned to the case to rule in favor of attorneys Mark J. O’Brien and Victoria E. Hatfield. The judge did not comment on her decision, and she didn’t wait to hear prosecutors’ arguments before issuing her order.”
– Tampa Bay Times

Helping Clients Obtain Favorable Bond Results

Being denied bond will mean you will be detained until your trial, and this can last many months. That is why it is so important to get a qualified and skilled attorney involved as soon as possible if you have been accused of any federal crime.

At Mark J. O’Brien, our lawyers have helped a significant number of clients obtain fair bond, allowing their release until trial. We cannot stress enough what a difference this has made in terms of our clients’ well-being during the difficult criminal process.

As soon as you retain us as your counsel, we begin to work immediately on the primary steps in your case, including the assembly of a strategic argument for bond. We only practice in criminal defense, and handle a significant number of federal cases. So we understand what it takes to achieve favorable results at pretrial detention hearings. But time is of the essence in these matters. The sooner you get us involved, the better prepared we can be for your bond hearing.

Florida Bond And Custody Attorneys

Our results show why so many others have trusted us with their criminal matters. For a free consultation, call our firm at 813-440-2347 or 407-707-8285, or contact us online. Our Tampa bond and pretrial detention hearing attorneys are ready to help.