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Tampa Attorneys For Firearm Possession By A Felon

Anyone convicted of a felony will give up many rights, even after he or she has paid his or her debt to society. If you have been convicted of a federal felony, you lose your right to bear arms. Many felons find themselves back in trouble with the law for possessing a firearm. Under federal law, felon in possession of a firearm charges can be punishable by up to 10 years in prison. These charges are often brought alongside drug charges or other charges.

Whether you are fighting this charge as a stand-alone charge or along with other charges, you need a dedicated criminal defense attorney working on your case. For years, the Tampa law firm of O’Brien Hatfield, P.A., has aggressively advocated for clients facing serious criminal allegations.

Presenting The Best Possible Defense Against Felon In Florida Possession Allegations

On its face, possession of a firearm by a felon seems like an easy charge to prove. The government needs only to prove that you are a convicted felon and that you were in possession of a firearm. The facts of your case, however, may tell a different story. Perhaps there are reasonable questions as to whether you had possession of the firearm in question. Maybe the police violated your rights when searching you, your home or your vehicle. Any number of issues could lead a person to doubt the government’s case.

Our law firm will investigate the facts and look at your case from every perspective. If there are problems in the government’s case, we will find them and use them to your advantage. We have achieved numerous successful results representing clients against criminal allegations in federal court, and we will use every tool at our disposal to help you obtain a favorable result.

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