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K2 Trafficking Attorney In Orlando

Synthetic marijuana or synthetic cannabinoids are known by names such as Spice, K2 and fake weed. It is often marketed as incense, herbal mixtures or potpourri, and can be purchased in smoke shops and other stores as well as online.

If you are charged with a synthetic drug crime, you will need a lawyer who can represent you in state and federal courts. Depending on the charges, you could face charges in both courts. The attorneys at Mark J. O’Brien, are licensed in Florida state and federal courts, and have the skill to represent you in either one. We provide an aggressive defense against all drug crime charges.

Fighting Spice And K2 Charges

The chemicals used to manufacture Spice/K2 are now Schedule I drugs. If you are convicted of a federal Schedule I drug crime, you may receive a lengthy mandatory prison sentence and fine.

We represent people facing all types of synthetic drug charges, including trafficking, distribution, manufacturing and possession. We have experience representing store owners and other people charged with distribution and trafficking.

It is critical that you are not overcharged with a more serious drug offense. Possessing a certain amount of synthetic marijuana can lead to distribution or trafficking charges, even if you did not intend to sell it. When we review your case, we will determine whether the prosecutor has charged you with a crime you did not commit or intend to commit.

In addition, we examine the police procedure used during the investigation and arrest. We ensure that our clients’ constitutional rights are not violated at any step in the process. If evidence was collected during an illegal search, we will argue for its suppression.

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