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Federal Sentencing Resources

Federal sentencing guidelines can be quite complex. At O’Brien Hatfield, P.A., in Tampa, Florida, our lawyers can better help you understand them, so you know what is at stake for you if you are found guilty at trial.

Our attorneys have handled hundreds of federal cases throughout our careers, and have a deep understanding for sentencing enhancements, changes in the law and mandatory minimum sentences. This knowledge can be used to help you determine the best way forward with your case, whether that is at trial or in plea negotiations.

Orlando Sentinel“He went from 16 to 17 years to nothing”, Tampa federal defense attorney Mark J. O’Brien said of the time his client would spend behind bars after a jury acquitted his client in federal criminal court.
– Orlando Sentinel.

Please consult the following list of links to learn more about certain topics:

Also, please consult with this list of important federal criminal addresses and telephone numbers to get in contact with courts and detention centers.

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