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In health care fraud and Medicare/Medicaid fraud cases, the prosecution must prove that the party knew that his or her claim or action was fraudulent. At Mark J. O’Brien, we investigate each allegation and work to demonstrate that there was no fraudulent intent.

Our attorneys have the federal court experience to represent individuals and businesses in Florida charged with health care fraud or Medicare/Medicaid fraud, including doctors, dentists, pharmacists, hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, laboratories, medical suppliers, medical billers and employees. We know how to challenge these charges as well as how to protect your professional license.

The Penalties Are Severe

Some of the allegations associated with health care fraud include falsifying invoices, overbilling, double billing, unbundling, upcoding, receiving kickbacks, unnecessary procedures and surgeries, and HIPAA violations.

The penalties for conviction of health care fraud include prison terms as long as life in prison if someone dies as a result of the fraud. In addition to a prison sentence, your professional license could be suspended or revoked, and you could face fines and years of probation.

In Medicare and Medicaid fraud cases, we represent individuals who are charged with unlawfully receiving benefits. Typical issues in these cases include falsifying information, forging prescriptions, and selling equipment or medicine received through the programs.

We also represent health care professionals and organizations charged with overbilling, false billing and billing multiple times for the same procedure. Due to the complexity of Medicare and Medicaid rules, errors are common. A billing error can appear to be intentional fraud until it is investigated.

The penalties for a Medicare or Medicaid fraud felony may include up to five years in prison, a fine of $250,000 for an individual and $500,000 for a corporation. Penalties may include a fine of $100,000 for an individual and $200,000 for a corporation for a misdemeanor offense.

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