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Tampa Internet Hacking Lawyers

Internet hacking may best be defined as unauthorized access to a computer, network or online account. Regardless of whether or not damage was done through the hacking, it is still a crime. It can also cost victims big money to repair systems and networks after the security breach.

In response to the increase and severity of hacking crimes, the government is now aggressively prosecuting those who commit these offenses. In addition, the state’s attorney may often tack on supplemental charges such as fraud, identity theft and even terrorism. This is why it is so important to work with a respected and skilled criminal defender if you have been accused of Internet hacking.

Criminal Defense In The Age Of Technology

At Mark J. O’Brien, we only focus on criminal defense. Our attorneys have built their careers upon protecting the rights of their clients and helping them mitigate the consequences of criminal charges. As your legal counsel, we can help you address any type of state or federal Internet hacking charge, including:

  • Infecting a computer or network with a virus
  • Illegally accessing another party’s online accounts without permission, including email, social media sites and financial accounts (website hacking, email hacking and password hacking)
  • Disrupting another party’s computer services, network or online databases
  • Sabotage of another party’s computers, systems or servers
  • Denial of service attack

We have an acute understanding of Internet and hacking laws, and know how to address all related criminal charges, including black hat, grey hat, script kiddie, hacktivism and cyberterror.

How We Respond To Illegally Obtained Evidence

Many times, especially in cases involving online criminal charges, investigators bypass laws in order to obtain evidence to use against you. As your legal counsel, our lawyers will not allow for this injustice. We have an in-depth knowledge of the laws surrounding evidence collection in this new world of online information. If we find your rights have been violated during the investigation, our lawyers will demand the evidence be thrown out.

Even when investigators have not violated your rights, prosecutors are often known for overcharging. Our lawyers take a proactive and aggressive approach to obtaining favorable results. Our main goal will always be a full dismissal, but when this is not a realistic option, we work to mitigate the most serious consequences of your Internet charges.

Florida Computer Hacker Attorneys

Our attorneys have helped a significant number of past clients obtain dismissals, lessened charges and penalties, and other favorable forms of resolution. While we can never guarantee an outcome, our past results show why so many others have trusted us with their criminal matters.

For a free consultation, call our firm at 813-440-2347 or 407-707-8285, or contact us online. Our Tampa Internet hacking attorneys are ready to help.