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Reverse Mortgage Fraud Defense Lawyers

Real estate professionals, including agents, brokers, title companies and lenders, can be charged with reverse mortgage fraud. Individuals, homeowners and investors can also be charged with this crime. In some cases, the party charged with reverse mortgage fraud did not know he or she was participating in a crime.

Regardless of your intent or knowledge of the offense, you need a lawyer to defend you. Conviction for reverse mortgage fraud has the same penalties as mortgage fraud: a prison sentence of up to 30 years and fines up to $1 million. The attorneys at Mark J. O’Brien, represent individuals, employees and businesses facing reverse mortgage fraud charges in Florida. Please speak with us today to learn more.

Charges Can Ruin Your Future And Your Career

Reverse mortgage cases can include numerous allegations, including:

  • Inflating the value of property appraisals
  • Downplaying the risk of losing the property
  • Embezzling the money instead of using it to pay off the mortgage
  • Getting individuals to unknowingly assist in the scam through inaccurate advertisements or information

If you defraud a financial institution insured by the federal government, you will be charged with a federal crime. We have the experience and skill to defend you in federal court.

In addition, we can represent real estate and financial professionals in professional license hearings. Mortgage and real estate fraud charges can result in the suspension or revocation of your license. We will prepare a defense and argue on your behalf before the governing or licensing board of your profession.

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