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Bribery And Corruption Charges Defense Attorneys Serving Florida And Beyond

Under Florida law, bribery charges can be brought against an individual accused of trying to illegally influence public servants by offering money or some other benefit. Public servants can also be accused of bribery for agreeing to accept money or some other benefit in exchange for some type of act. Bribery charges can involve any number of factual scenarios, from a contractor paying a public official to obtain a government bid to law enforcement officers accepting payments in exchange for overlooking illegal activities.

Bribery is a second-degree felony under Florida law. If you have been arrested or charged with accepting or offering a bribe, or if you suspect that you are under investigation for bribery, it is critical that you hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

For years, the Tampa law firm of Mark J. O’Brien, has successfully defended individuals across Florida and nationally. Our Florida bribery lawyers are committed to protecting your rights at every point in the legal process.

Getting Results In High-Stakes, High-Profile Criminal Litigation

The mere accusation of bribery can devastate a person’s professional reputation. These allegations are incendiary and can cause members of the public to jump to unwarranted conclusions about your guilt before trial. Mark O’Brien has achieved successful outcomes for clients in all types of high-profile cases and fully understands the additional complexities involved when the media gets involved in a case. Our law firm will fight to ensure that your case is tried in the courtroom, not in the court of public opinion.

Our law firm will examine the evidence from every perspective. The members of our team understand how to give you maximum leverage in pretrial litigation, negotiations and, if necessary, at trial. Our tactical knowledge and persuasive approach in the courtroom have helped numerous clients achieve acquittal, dismissal or a favorable plea agreement.

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