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The Government Can Take Your Property Without Convicting You Of A Crime. We Can Help You Get It Back.

The impact of a criminal charge can go beyond the possibility of prison time, fines and probation. Sometimes, the government will confiscate your property in a civil forfeiture proceeding. The government can take your home, your vehicles, the contents of your bank accounts and more if it can show these items were obtained as a result of unlawful activity. The government often attempts to seize assets in conjunction with drug crimes or certain white collar crimes. Asset forfeiture can occur in connection with either state or federal charges.

If your assets have been taken as a result of a criminal charge, it is critical to have an attorney on your side who will challenge these takings, while presenting an effective defense against the underlying charges. We are the Tampa federal asset forfeiture lawyers of O’Brien Hatfield, P.A.. Our law firm defends clients across Florida and beyond in civil forfeiture proceedings.

Developing Compelling Strategies In Civil Forfeiture Proceedings

In civil forfeiture proceedings, the government does not have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your assets were used in connection with, or obtained by, criminal acts. Its burden of proof is much lower. Once your assets are seized, you have the burden of proving that the seized items were not used in connection with a crime or obtained as a result of criminal actions.

We will use all facts at our disposal to prove that your seized property was acquired through legitimate means or that it was not used in the commission of a crime. At the same time, we will develop a defense strategy against your criminal charges. Over our firm’s history, we have achieved notable successes in a broad range of white collar crime and drug cases.

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