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Tampa Antitrust Violations Lawyers

Title 15 of the U.S. Code covers antitrust violations and includes the Sherman Antitrust Act, the Federal Trade Commission Act, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the Clayton Antitrust Act, the Consumer Product Safety Act and the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

Antitrust conspiracy charges can involve state and federal laws, as well as criminal and civil penalties. Criminal penalties can include large fines or imprisonment; civil remedies can include injunctions, divestiture and cancellation of contracts.

If you receive notification from the Department of Justice (DOJ) or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that you are being investigated for unfair competition or unfair trade practices, you need a Tampa antitrust violations attorney immediately. Mark J. O’Brien, provides aggressive federal criminal defense representation for individuals and corporations charged with antitrust violations. Our founding attorneys began their careers as prosecutors and have litigated thousands of criminal cases over the years. Our results for many of our clients facing state and federal charges speak for themselves.

Tampa Antitrust Violation Defense Attorney

Antitrust violations include unfair trade practices and unfair competition such as:

  • Trade restraint
  • Attempt to monopolize or exclude business
  • Price fixing
  • False advertising

The state and federal governments may both investigate antitrust violations. Your lawyer must be experienced in state and federal courts. Additionally, the firm must have the manpower to staff a complex case, which may last for years. Mark J. O’Brien, has the ability to take on large cases with lengthy investigative phases.

Florida Violations Of Antitrust Laws Attorneys

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