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Voyeurism Defense Attorneys In Tampa And Orlando

Even conviction for a relatively minor sex crime such as voyeurism carries relatively harsh penalties. In addition to the potential for a year in jail, people convicted of even misdemeanor sex crimes may be required to register as convicted sex offenders where they live and work. The conviction on your record may also make it difficult to maintain employment or obtain a lease. You will also be known as a “Peeping Tom,” the common nickname for a voyeur.

The experienced, skilled and respected voyeurism defense lawyers at Mark J. O’Brien, can help avoid these relatively severe consequences. We serve clients across Florida from offices in Tampa and Orlando.

Mark J. O’Brien, Will Fight Your Charges

Under Florida law, voyeurism is furtively witnessing or recording, with a distasteful or lewd intent, a person engaged in intimate activities while in his or her vehicle, residence or building. Intimate acts may include sexual activity, bathing or showering, changing clothes or undressing, or any other activity that is usually private.

Possibly the most important component of a voyeurism case is whether the person watched or recorded had a reasonable expectation of privacy at the time of the incident. Watching someone in a relatively public location is not voyeurism — hiding behind a bush for the purpose of watching someone shower may be.

Depending on the circumstances of your arrest, we may be able to get the charges against you dismissed or seek a plea to a lesser offense — for example, if there were no witnesses or physical evidence or if any such evidence was obtained improperly by law enforcement officials. Our goal when taking on your case is simple: to protect your best interests, now and in the future.

Florida Video Voyeurism Defense Attorney Protecting Your Rights

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