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Sting Operation Defense Lawyer In Tampa And Orlando

A sting operation is an organized attempt by law enforcement officials to arrest individuals engaged in illegal, illicit activity. Sting operations are commonly used in relation to drug crimes and sex crimes.

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Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Fight Your Prostitution Sting Charges

You have many options for building a defense if you were arrested during a drug or sex sting operation. It is unfortunately all too common for law enforcement officials to attempt to lure people into committing crimes for the purpose of making an arrest on charges involving:

When police officers go too far in their attempts to create an opportunity for such an arrest, it is called entrapment. A determination of entrapment would lead to a dismissal of charges.

Our Tampa police sting operation defense attorneys can also fight for dismissal or reduced charges when there is no reliable evidence or when evidence against you was obtained in a manner that infringed upon your constitutional rights. When you work with our law firm, our goal is to protect your rights and your future.

Florida Lawyers Defending Against Sex Crime Charges

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