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Quality And Aggressive Legal Representation For A Reasonable Fee

People unfortunately meet us at the worst possible time. Let’s face it: You save for your child’s college tuition and a new family home, but nobody plans on saving for a criminal defense attorney’s fees. But since you are in this position, make a smart decision. Your money matters and so does your choice in legal representation. Quality legal representation is not cheap and nor should it be; however, it should not break the bank.

When you hire the firm of O’Brien Hatfield, P.A., you aren’t paying for our hourly time like a civil law firm, but instead you are paying for training, our qualifications, our experience and our history of success against government and state prosecutors. We know that whether we spend 10 hours or 100 hours on your case does not matter to you and is not the point. It is the result you are looking for, not the time spent accomplishing it.

You Will Know Up Front What We Will Charge

This is why we do not charge by the hour and instead use a maximum fee-based system so that you know going into our representation agreement what is the maximum case monetary scenario dollar when you retain us. We know times are difficult, and we appreciate your trust in us. We expect you to pay a fair fee but not break the bank in doing so.

Why Hire Us To Defend Against Criminal Charges?

So why should you spend your hard-earned money with us and not another criminal defense law firm? Based upon our qualifications and experience, we believe we bring a lot to the table for the fee we charge in each case. However, let’s be honest, each case is different and no fee is the same. You will not receive a set legal fee schedule. And a specific fee is not listed on our website for that very reason. However, by the conclusion of our initial meeting with you, a specific fee will be given based upon the contents of our conversation, and it will be a fee that we, and you, agree to in writing. No tricks.

Not all law firms are created equal, and not all law firm fees are created equal. One lawyer may charge you $5,000 while another may charge you $50,000 for the identical criminal case. Sometimes there will be no difference between the legal representation you receive, and the result will end up being the same. Sometimes there is a huge difference in the representation you receive, and the result will not end up being the same. So you should be very cautious of any criminal defense law firm that seems to be charging you too little, and you should likewise be very cautious of any criminal defense law firm that charges you too much. Criminal cases, like people, are never the same. You should be diligent. We often say that if you consult with us and you consult with others, you will ultimately come back to us so you will not receive pressure at our initial consultation. When you hire a lawyer for a criminal case, you are not buying a car. You are saving a life. So visit with more than one attorney, take notes, ask questions, ask for a retainer agreement that outlines each party’s responsibilities, get a feel for their level of care and commitment, and in general be diligent in your choice. We welcome this approach and advise this course of action in choosing a law firm … will the other law firms you meet with encourage it as well? If not, why not?

We take all major credit cards, but please contact us as soon as possible. Be proactive not reactive. The earlier you hire us often, the more we can do. Fight back now.

At Mark J. O’Brien, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you free of charge and prove to you that we are the right lawyers for you.

Contact a Tampa criminal defense attorney from our firm as soon as possible if you have been arrested or are under investigation for a federal or state criminal offense.