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Putting Forth A Powerful Defense Against Heroin Possession And Distribution Charges In Florida

Heroin is a potent drug with very addictive properties. Federal and state law enforcement agents expend significant time and energy in an attempt to limit the flow of heroin into the United States. As part of these efforts, there are significant criminal penalties for selling or trafficking in heroin. If you have been accused of trafficking in heroin, it is vital that your criminal defense attorney is able to present the strongest possible defense against the charges. The law firm of Mark J. O’Brien, defends people across the state against all types of drug charges, including heroin charges.

Under Florida law, possession of 4 or more grams of heroin will lead to trafficking charges. In turn, these charges are punishable by severe mandatory minimum sentences, ranging from three to 25 years, depending on the amount of heroin in question.

With what is at stake in these charges, you simply cannot afford to entrust your defense to an inexperienced lawyer. Our Tampa heroin lawyers will look critically at the evidence and determine the best possible strategy for your defense. We will look at how the government built its case. Most times, the police report tells only the police officer’s side of the story and not what really happened. If there is reason to believe the police violated your rights, we will file a motion with the court to suppress this evidence and dismiss your charges.

In other cases, there may be reasonable doubt as to whether you possessed the drugs or regarding the weight of the drugs. Our law firm will leave no stone unturned in our quest to help you beat these serious charges. Over our firm’s history, we have achieved successful outcomes in a broad range of drug cases and are ready to leverage our experience and skill on your behalf.

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