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Federal Drug Crime Lawyers Defending All Types Of Cocaine Charges

Lawmakers regularly modify existing laws or create new laws aimed at curbing the use and sale of cocaine and other drugs. Law enforcement agencies at all levels devote extensive manpower and money to enforce these laws. Prosecutors have significant resources at their disposal to prosecute individuals accused of violating these laws. In short, if you have been accused of distributing or trafficking in cocaine, whether at the state or federal level, you are fighting the full power of the government. It is vital that you have someone on your side who will uphold and protect your constitutional rights throughout the legal process.

The Tampa law firm of Mark J. O’Brien, has a proud history of defending people across Florida and nationally against the most serious drug crimes, including cocaine charges. We have achieved successful outcomes in many drug cases and will work tirelessly to help do the same for you.

Florida Cocaine Charges Can Lead To Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

Whether you are charged in state or federal court, if you face cocaine charges, you face the possibility of mandatory minimum sentences. For example, in Florida, if you sell, buy, manufacture, or possess between 28 and 200 grams of cocaine, you face a mandatory minimum prison term of three years. The penalties escalate substantially depending on the amount of cocaine in question.

Our attorneys will focus their efforts on obtaining a dismissal of the charges. We will investigate whether you actually possessed the substance in question or whether you had knowledge of possessing cocaine. Our Florida cocaine distribution attorneys will look at whether police followed proper procedures when searching you.

Founding attorney Mark O’Brien spent nearly three years as an Assistant State Attorney in the Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Office. As a result, he understands drug cases from every perspective. This experience is invaluable when defending our clients against drug charges.

Do You Need A Tampa Defense Lawyer For Distributing Cocaine Charges?

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