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Protecting Your Rights And Your Property

Search and seizure laws are part of our constitutional rights and are a critical protection against unwarranted government intrusion. But violations of these laws are some of the most common issues that arise during criminal drug cases. However, if evidence was obtained illegally during the investigation or arrest of a drug crime, the defendant has the right to demand that evidence be thrown out.

Did The Police Violate Your Rights Through Illegal Search And Seizure?

The truth is, police do not have complete freedom when it comes to stopping and searching people, their cars or their properties. There must be probable cause of an illegal activity. The problem is, many officers do not respect these laws and cause egregious violations of individuals’ rights in order to ‘make the case.’

If you have been charged with a drug crime and feel your rights were violated in the process, Mark J. O’Brien, can help. Our lawyers only take criminal cases, and a significant portion of our practice is dedicated to defending against state and federal drug crimes.

Oftentimes, the criminal drug case against an individual will hinge on the evidence presented by the police, and prosecutors can be reluctant to let this evidence go. However, our lawyers have a complete understanding of the Fourth Amendment rights and know how to create effective arguments for the dismissal of illegally obtained evidence. We are also former prosecutors, so we know how to work with the state’s attorneys to address evidence dismissal within the context of dropped charges and favorable pleas. And when the case calls for it, our lawyers are fully prepared to defend your rights at trial.

Has The Government Frozen Your Assets?

The threat or the actual freezing of assets is often used in cases involving federal drug charges such as trafficking or conspiracy. The Supreme Court has now ruled that it is unlawful for the government to freeze assets that are unrelated to the criminal activity in question.

Tampa Drug Crime Defense Lawyers

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