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The Criminal Justice Process: After Trial

What happens after trial? The answer will vary from case to case and whether a conviction occurred. Read the information below for more information about sentencing. Find out more about the criminal justice process in Florida by following these links:

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Pre-Sentence Investigation

When a judge schedules a sentencing, the Department of Corrections is sometimes employed to investigate the background of the individual to be sentenced. This background can include prior criminal records, information about his or her personal live, and more. The report put together by the Department of Corrections leaves space for the victim to inform the court of any possibilities for restitution. Victims have the right to request to review the presentence investigation (PSI) report before the sentencing hearing takes place.


Once a guilty plea is entered, or a defendant is found guilty, the judge will arrange sentencing. Victims will be notified of the sentencing date and have a right to read part of the presentence investigation report conducted by the Department of Corrections. At the sentencing, victims can request to speak to the judge or have the assistant state attorney speak on their behalf. Victims will receive a letter after the sentencing detailing the exact sentence the defendant received. Some sentences include, but are not limited to, time in county jail, custody by the Department of Corrections, probation time, or having to pay fees to the witnesses.