Are You Committing A Federal Crime By Playing Fantasy Sports?

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The phrase "white collar crime" often calls to mind images of complex business conspiracies and government corruption. In reality, however, white collar crime often occurs in situations that are more relatable to most people's daily lives.

Fantasy sports, for example, is a pastime that draws millions of people to sites like DraftKings and FanDuel, but criminal defense attorney Mark J. O'Brien is concerned that it could carry a risk of federal charges for white collar crime.

To help you learn more about this important issue and how it could affect you, O'Brien Hatfield, PA, has released a white paper covering the following topics:

  • Why are federal prosecutors investigating fantasy sports?
  • What is white collar crime?
  • What other activities could cause you to be charged with a white collar crime?

Read Are you committing a federal crime by playing fantasy sports?

We've prepared a summary of the white paper; see below.