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Monitoring suspicious credit card activity

If you suspect that someone else in Florida has used your credit card so that they can add to their personal belongings, then you should consider talking to the card company about a fraud investigation. The process often starts with a complaint after noticing that...

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Penalties for health care fraud may soon increase

Allegations of fraud can have significant consequences for health care providers. Not only are there potential civil penalties that can result from fraud allegations, but there possible criminal penalties as well. On the civil side, depending on the facts of the case...

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Concerning the burden, standard of proof in criminal cases

In any criminal case, it is up to the government to provide evidence supporting each and every element of every charge. Most people have heard the term "burden of proof" and know that, in criminal cases, prosecutors must present relevant, reliable evidence proving the...

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Defending against reemployment benefits fraud

Last time, we mentioned a bill that aims to impose stricter penalties on those convicted of unemployment benefit fraud. As we noted last time, unemployment benefits fraud is characterized by knowingly making false statements or failing to disclose material facts to...

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Proving criminal intent in criminal cases, P.2

Last time, we began speaking about proof of intent in criminal cases, noting that intent can be categorized different ways, that different criminal statutes present different requirements in terms of specific intent, and that often prosecutors need to turn to...

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CEO of financial firm facing federal charges for fraud

The chief executive of a financial firm will be fighting federal fraud charges that claim he sold $179 million dollars worth of sham loans to an out-of-state investment company. The chairman and CEO of the Orlando-based firm allegedly forged signatures as well as...

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