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White Collar Crimes

The penalties for embezzlement in Florida

A person commits the crime of embezzlement when they take advantage of their position and steal from someone who had entrusted them with money. Like in the crime of theft, the penalties for embezzlement vary depending on how much money a person takes. These penalties...

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How the SEC views insider trading

Insider training is one of the most serious violations according to the SEC. This white-collar crime can occur anywhere, including in Florida. There are serious consequences if you engage in this crime, so it is important to understand exactly what it is so that you...

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What constitutes identity theft in Florida?

Identity theft has become an increasingly popular crime during the past few decades. The tactics would-be criminals use to procure sensitive personal data have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. Both federal and state lawmakers have quickly drafted...

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What is price gouging?

There's a lot to take in about the effect that the COVID-19 virus is having on the country, but one issue that seems to have caught everyone's attention is the issue of hoarding and price gouging. Those are twin problems that often crop up during any major...

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