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Notable extradition cases in recent years

Extradition cases often capture global attention due to their high-stakes nature and the prominent individuals involved. They present difficulties for prosecutors because of the challenge of bringing the accused to their jurisdiction. Recent years have seen several...

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 Foreign account ownership and the IRS

Everyone is expected to pay their taxes and Internal Revenue Services does not take it kindly when there is no remittance of taxes. The obligation to pay taxes is mandatory whether your income was generated in the country or abroad. Through the Report of Foreign Bank...

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What a Ponzi scheme is

A Ponzi scheme is a white-collar crime that involves investment fraud. This is not a crime of violence, but rather one of deceit. Investors may be convinced by either a person or group to turn over a lump sum of money in the hopes of making a large return on their...

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Man pleads guilty to securities fraud charge

A former Florida day trader pleaded guilty on Dec. 11 to one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud and one count of securities fraud after admitting to playing a role in a ring to steal confidential details from investment banks. According to authorities, the...

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