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Monitoring suspicious credit card activity

Jan 4, 2021 | Fraud

If you suspect that someone else in Florida has used your credit card so that they can add to their personal belongings, then you should consider talking to the card company about a fraud investigation. The process often starts with a complaint after noticing that there are charges on your account that you didn’t make. Some companies will begin an investigation as soon as odd charges are noticed before informing you of the fraud that could have taken place.


The most common way that a credit card company can put a stop to fraud is by canceling your card as soon as suspicious activity is seen so that no further charges can be made. You should have a backup card on hand or another way to pay for purchases if this happens as you likely won’t be able to have the card unlocked until the investigation is complete. If you didn’t make the transaction, then the company can issue a refund so that you aren’t charged with excessive fees and put the funds back in your account to use in the future.


Credit card companies will usually ask for police reports as well as reports from the companies where the credit card was used to compare the times and locations of the purchases. Receipts with signatures can also be compared to determine if you were the one who signed for the purchase or if someone else signed.

An attorney may offer assistance in starting a credit card fraud investigation if you suspect that someone has been using your account. Keep any details of the transactions you have made as well as details about what you were doing when the card was used in order to match the times and locations of the purchases.


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