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Man facing charges for giving teen methamphetamine

May 18, 2018 | Sex Offenses

On May 14, a Florida man was taken into custody after he was accused of giving a teen girl methamphetamine before trying to have sexual intercourse with her. The arrest came after authorities had been investigating the case for nearly two months.

In late March, authorities executed a search warrant at the 41-year-old man’s Zephyrhills home. During the search, a glass pipe, several SD cards and thumb drives were recovered. The glass pipe tested positive for methamphetamine. Authorities said that the SD cards contained footage dated just a few days before the search warrant was executed of the accused man in his bed with a 14-year-old girl. The girl in the video was identified as a Ward of the State who had been listed as a runaway when the incident occurred. The man was seen in the video rubbing the girl and telling her to remove her clothing. However, it did not appear that she complied with his requests.

The man later admitted to getting into bed with the girl and kissing her. He also did admit to providing her with methamphetamine. He was charged with human trafficking and lascivious molestation in addition to several drug offenses.

Those who are facing charges for sex offenses, such as rape or human trafficking, may be at risk for a wide variety of different legal consequences. In addition to a lengthy prison sentence, those convicted on these types of charges will also be required to register as sex offenders, potentially making it difficult for them to seek employment or even find housing once their prison sentence has been completed. A criminal law attorney may help protect the person’s rights while the trial is ongoing and after-the-fact.

Source: CBS 17, “Florida man accused of giving teenage girl meth, trying to have sex with her“, 05/15/2018


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