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Florida man asleep at gas station wakes up to drug arrest

Apr 4, 2018 | Drug Charges

A convenience store and gas station on Beal Parkway in Okaloosa County was the scene of an unexpected drug bust for a sheriff’s deputy. He had been pumping gas when he noticed an unconscious man slumped behind the wheel at another gas pump. The vehicle’s engine was still running.

The deputy checked on him and eventually woke him up. The man made incoherent responses to the deputy’s questions, and law enforcement called in a drug dog. The animal alerted while inspecting the vehicle, and the deputy initiated a search.

According to the police report, the deputy found a black case in the left pocket of the man’s pants. The case allegedly contained heroin, fentanyl, methamphetamine and cocaine. The 43-year-old male suspect denied association with the drugs and said that the pants did not belong to him. He was arrested and charged with possessing drugs and paraphernalia.

A person confronted by drug possession charges will have to appear in court. The advice of a criminal defense attorney could aid someone in this position. An attorney could provide information about legal rights and evaluate the strength of the evidence against the person. Legal insights offered by an attorney could help a person decide how to enter a plea. An attorney might also develop a defense strategy. This effort could include questioning the person’s connection with the seized drugs or the actions of law enforcement if they violated the person’s rights. With an attorney’s support, a person might get a case dismissed or have a chance to negotiate a plea deal with favorable terms. A drug treatment program might replace a sentence that might have otherwise included jail time.

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