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Woman facing drug charges in overdose death

Mar 16, 2018 | Drug Charges

On March 7, it was reported that a Florida woman was facing murder charges after she was accused of selling heroin that had been laced with fentanyl to a 31-year-old woman. The woman, aged 31, ended up overdosing and dying in October 2017.

Polk County authorities who discovered the deceased woman reportedly found baggies with the fentanyl-laced heroin inside and syringes in her bedroom. Authorities conducted a search of the woman’s phone. They discovered that the deceased woman had sent several text messages about buying heroin. It appeared she ultimately purchased about $95 worth. Detectives set up an undercover drug purchase after identifying the accused woman as the person who sold deadly heroin to the woman.

It was noted that the woman had been charged with multiple drug offenses in the past, including heroin trafficking, possession of heroin with the intent to sell the drug and conspiracy to traffic heroin. The woman’s husband was also taken into custody on multiple drug offenses.

In Florida, a person who is accused of selling fentanyl-laced heroin could be charged with first-degree murder if the person he or she allegedly sold it to dies as a result. Further, an accused person is also likely to face a variety of drug offenses associated with the incident. The state takes these accusations very seriously due to the rates of drug use particularly when it comes to fentanyl; as such, a person could face a lengthy prison sentence, major fines and a criminal record that prevents him or her from seeking gainful employment. A criminal law attorney may investigate the case to determine if the accused person actually sold the deceased person the drugs and whether or not the authorities had probable cause to search the accused person.

Source: ABC Action News, “Winter Haven woman charged with murder for selling lethal dose of fentanyl-laced heroin“, 03/07/2018


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