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Judge denies Florida woman’s request for lower bail

Mar 27, 2018 | Drug Charges

According to news sources, a Florida woman who was charged with selling drugs to people from the back window of her mobile home had her bail set at $46,000. The woman reportedly asked the judge for a lower bail, but the judge denied her request.

The woman lived in a mobile home with her mother in Country Town Village. She reportedly was selling drugs out of the window of her home and also reportedly sold sodas and snacks. One man who allegedly purchased fentanyl from the woman subsequently died of an overdose.

Officers obtained a warrant for the woman’s arrest and searched her home. Inside, they reportedly found three grams of methamphetamine, bags of white powder and $174 in cash. They tested one bag of the white powder and found that it was fentanyl. The officers did not test the powder in the other bags because of the strength of the fentanyl. Instead, they packaged up the remaining bags to send to a laboratory. The woman is being held at the Marion County Jail. She has previously served time in prison for possession of meth, fraud and other crimes and has been out of prison since 2015.

Convictions on drug crimes can result in stiff sentences, including years in prison and substantial fines. When people are accused of drug sales, the penalties may be more severe. People who are facing drug charges might want to get help from an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. An attorney who is experienced in defending against drug charges may identify issues with the prosecution’s case. The attorney may be able to secure pleas to lesser charges or capped sentences and might work to secure the most favorable outcome for the clients.

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