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Sex offender faces human trafficking charges in Florida

Dec 2, 2017 | Sex Offenses

Charges have been filed and additional charges are pending in the case of a Florida man who allegedly held two women in a storage locker and forced them to prostitute themselves. According to media sources, the 41-year-old man collected money from the male clients for whom he arranged sexual encounters and then used the money to buy drugs. A registered sex offender, the man was taken into police custody on Nov. 16 following an investigation.

Reports indicate that the women were held against their will in a storage unit located on the 3100 block of 3rd St. W in Bradenton. Law enforcement officials became aware of the situation when a 24-year-old woman left the unit under undisclosed circumstances and showed up at the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office to file a report.

She and her 29-year-old counterpart told investigators that they had had previous opportunities to flee but did not do so because they feared retribution. According to the arrest affidavit, the man was verbally abusive and armed. Reports also indicate that the man gave large quantities of crack and heroin to the women before demanding repayment for the drugs through forced sex acts and prostitution.

The man is now facing human trafficking charges in connection with the case, which remains ongoing. Florida residents who find themselves similarly charged with serious sex offenses may want to seek legal counsel at the earliest opportunity. Dependent upon the facts of each unique case, a criminal defense lawyer may be able to mitigate the life-altering consequences of a potential conviction, protecting the client’s rights, reputation and future prospects. If there are deficiencies in the prosecution’s evidence, the lawyer may work to achieve a dismissal or reduction of the charges.


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