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Drug and gun charges send 3 Florida gang members to prison

Oct 13, 2017 | Federal Crimes

Investigations by the Operation Northern Lights Task Force have resulted in the convictions of three men, ages 23, 24 and 33, for multiple drug and firearms charges. According to federal officials, they belonged to the street gang “Boss Life” that has been associated with violent crime in the Miami-Dade area. The men engaged in over 30 weapons or drug purchases with undercover agents from April 2015 to November 2016.

These undercover transactions provided investigators with evidence of narcotics distribution and the sale of weapons and gun parts. In addition to the men trafficking in crack cocaine and heroin, investigators documented their business in high-capacity firearms, such as a fully automatic rifle. Their merchandise also included a drum magazine that held one hundred rounds and guns with serial numbers removed. Curbing illegal arms sales in the area had been a primary goal of the task force.

Confronted by this evidence, the men chose to enter guilty pleas when accused of unlicensed gun sales and conspiracy to distribute controlled substances. Their prison sentences ranged in length from 9 years to 17.5 years.

People who have been handed federal drug crime charges face significant and severe penalties if the prosecution is able to obtain a conviction. These penalties can include lengthy periods of incarceration in federal prison, and their families will suffer from the loss of support that the convicted defendants would otherwise have been able to provide. As such, people who are in this type of a situation might want to obtain the representation of a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible so that a strategy to combat the allegations can be constructed.

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