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Month: August 2017

Health care fraud sentence

A Florida physician who was charged with health care fraud has been sentenced to a year in prison. The 60-year-old physician must also pay more than $1 million in restitution and $1,134,000 in fines. The court mandated that more than $1 million must be forfeited to...

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Feds charge 7 people with insider trading

Florida investors may be interested to learn that federal authorities have indicted seven people for using insider trading tips to make more than $5 million in profit. The charges were announced on Aug. 23. According to authorities, a 32-year-old Bank of America...

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Dozens rounded up as alleged sex offenders

A surveillance operation in Florida has identified more than 40 men who will be facing various charges related to sexual acts in public places. According to reports, Operation Mangrove has resulted in 21 arrests thus far and more will likely take place.The Martin...

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3 charged after raids on massage parlors

It has been reported that Florida authorities rescued two people who were said to be victims of human trafficking after an investigation was launched into several massage parlors. As a result of the investigation, three women were taken into custody.Authorities opened...

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